CEO’s Message

Ten-League Corporations has partnered with several leading equipment manufacturers for the past 20 years. Two subsidiaries were established to focus on providing market segmented equipment and engineering solutions for Singapore’s Ports, Foundation & Construction, Warehouse Logistics and other industries.

Ten-League Corporations engages in needs-driven innovation based on proven and reliable technologies as well as customization for better customer care. Our collaboration with Ai Drivers has accelerated our goal to incorporate advanced technologies into our equipment that will effectively resolve problems, achieve higher efficiency, safer & optimized operation, fulfilling the increasingly challenging demands in a dynamic and competitive environment. 

We are committed to continuously improve product quality and services by being a market challenger and adopting value-added engineering solutions. We strive to become the preferred partner to the port, foundation & construction, and warehouse logistics industries.


“Product quality comes first when choosing a business partner.”

“Regardless of the product, it’s imperative to pay attention to details and develop expertise on it.”

Jison Lim
Chairman & CEO