Commissioned on 30th December 2021, we have successfully delivered one batch of SANY Electric Empty Container Handler (i.e. E-ECH) to Tuas Mega Port.

As part of Singapore’s efforts to build a more sustainable future, they are aiming to reduce carbon emission by 2030, hence leading the promotion of electrical vehicles. With this initiative, E-ECH is a great addition to the equipment used in port.

Our SANY electric container handlers also offers fast charging which allows the handler to be fully charged within 60 minutes, which is competitive in comparison to other handlers in the market.

Comparing the E-ECH to the standard ECH out there, it has a significant advantage over it because the standard ECH consists of components such as engine and transmission, which requires regular maintenance by a professional engineer.

All in all, the new E-ECH is a step towards a greener and better Singapore.