Autonomous Mobility & Retrofit

Sensor Fusion Based On Hazards Analysis

We design and customize a serious sensor architecture to a vehicle or equipment that offers both sensor redundancy and robust holistic awareness of surrounding, which particularly suits a fast-changing environment.  Our team completed drive-by-wire retrofit on a prime mover and added a fusion of Li-DAR, Camera, and RADAR sensors to the front of the vehicle as shown below.



It is subject to further optimization once all hazards are identified.  We conduct site surveys to study the type of hazards and the complexity of the environment.  We collect sensors’ log and hazards’ patterns before we finalize the type of sensors to ensure the effectiveness of safety.



Above are examples of 2D Li-DAR with 270 degrees scanning coverage and ultrasonic sensors for precise short range sensing at the rear of an assisted prime mover ( APM ).  This design gives additional layers of safety for reversing of short and medium distances.


Remote Assisted Prime Mover Support & Drive Controls

Exceptional handling is vital in automated systems.  Remote exceptional handling is considered to be cost effective and convenient.  Widely used examples are the automated container handling systems and the loading and unloading of various cranes.

Remote Drive Screen Mount & Chair

Remote Support & Drive Control



Our remote controller system consists of a PC and the remote drive control which mimic real car control.  Our solution includes offering enhanced user experiences by supporting the remote controller through its autonomous drive engine, ensuring the remote controller does not make mistake.  Our remote control system operates based on visual feedback of the vehicle surroundings as shown below.

Remote Support & Drive Control Screen


Fleet Management System ( FMS ) Dashboards       

Our FMS is the integral part of the automation of vehicle.  It provides a holistic visualization of operations.  It performs job scheduling and job orders.  With our FMS, clients can be rest assured that their vehicles communicate well with each other and the host systems for smooth integration.  Our AI-enabled FMS builds up working memory on traffic flow, operations and hazards.  It is capable of working out global path planning as well as optimizing the path with the changing traffic.

FMS dashboard displays traffic cognitive perspective from a selected vehicle when user clicks on any on of the vehicles from the overall operation screen.  Vehicle interaction and exceptional handling is enabled.

FMS dashboards above show live visualization of the operation

FMS dashboard shows data analytics for task scheduling and management with forecasting functionality for optimized operation in the overall operation view screen.