Electrical Equipment Solutions

It is undeniable that electric vehicles are gaining traction in Singapore. What seems impossible in the past, whether it was infrastructure, engineering or adoption concerns, has been vindicated with the introduction of Tesla and NIO electric cars in Singapore. The greatest driver for the adoption of electric vehicles is the Singapore Government as it was announced in the Singapore Green Plan 2030 of the aim to achieve the vision of 100% cleaner energy vehicles by 2040. Furthermore, significant cost savings are anticipated for the adoption of the electrical technological solutions by local businesses struggling with the rising material and fuel costs in the Construction and Port Industry. In line with our vision to be a sustainable and forward-looking corporation, Ten League Corporation has decided to invest heavily in the Electrification of Heavy Equipment and Machinery to steer local businesses into greener territory by providing full equipment and infrastructure support. 


Heavy Machinery (Port)

We have partnered with Sany Heavy Machinery to bring you the Electric Semi-trailer Tractor and Electric Port Tractor.


Electric Semi-trailer Tractor

                             Electric Semi-trailer Tractor


The unparalleled electrical drive system based on load identification strategy, power recovery system based on operating identification strategy and high-efficiency powertrain exemplify Sany’s longer cruising range, lower power consumption. Taking the 423kWh JS EV 550 at standard load situation as an instance, the cruising range is more than 240km.

2 options for charging the power:

1. Battery pack changeover: a new fully powered battery pack can be changed in 5minutes.

2. 400A DC 2 plug-in quick charge: the energy storage system can be charged to 60% in 30 minutes, 90% in 60 minutes.

Electric Port Tractor
                              Electric Port Tractor




This Pure Electric Terminal Tractor sports a 4 x 2 Chassis with a 3720mm Wheel Base. A Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery power its systems which allows it to travel at a max speed of 50km/hr while having a generous 120km before requiring a recharge. Fully charging the system only takes 60 minutes with the innovative Dual Charging Gun System. With a weight of 9.25 tonnes, This Tractor is capable of hauling more than 6x its weight. Its dimensions are 6250mm x 2550mm x 3380mm.




Customization & Personalization

Commercial electric application is complex by nature and for this reason, each electric vehicle sale is packaged as a tailored turnkey solution, allowing for:

  1. Different battery capacities can be provided according to the user’s haul distance.
  2. Solution of waterproof, coldproof can be provided according to the natural environment condition.
  3. Solution of normal or super version bearing chassis can be supplied depends on cargo weight.
  4. Power recovery strategy can be designed on-site depends on the road condition & ramp.
  5. Solution of electric truck + battery pack changeover can be provided according to the user’s operating model.


Battery Swapping Station

To ease the transition from internal combustion engine vehicle to electrical vehicle for local companies, our new facility will feature battery swapping stations for the Electric Semi-trailer Tractor.

These Battery Swapping Stations can do a battery exchange in under a minute which saves you time and increases your productivity. You can expect to save at least 50% on costs for your haulage activities.